Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sydney in New Mexico

In September my Aunt Karen and cousin Harrison from Austrailia, came to the states for a time. We had planned to all go down and attend the State fair with them. Because I was the coach of Aurora's soccer team we Jared, Aurora and I went to practice on Thursday night then went down to ABQ. My parents and Parker went down earlier around 12 to spend more time with them. When they got there Harriosn was playing with his robot that my Grandma keeps there for him. Parker really liked playing with him.

He was playing tag with it while Grandpa Dave controled it for them.
Then Harrison took control. He thought it was funny to chase Parker with it.

This was his Safe Place where the robot couldn't get him he sat there for 5 minutes trying to "trick" them into thinking he wasn't interested anymore.

Ahhhh the love!

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  1. Hi Kassie! How are you guys?? Your family is so cute! Glad to see you guys are doing well... tell Jared hi!!!