Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sydney in New Mexico

In September my Aunt Karen and cousin Harrison from Austrailia, came to the states for a time. We had planned to all go down and attend the State fair with them. Because I was the coach of Aurora's soccer team we Jared, Aurora and I went to practice on Thursday night then went down to ABQ. My parents and Parker went down earlier around 12 to spend more time with them. When they got there Harriosn was playing with his robot that my Grandma keeps there for him. Parker really liked playing with him.

He was playing tag with it while Grandpa Dave controled it for them.
Then Harrison took control. He thought it was funny to chase Parker with it.

This was his Safe Place where the robot couldn't get him he sat there for 5 minutes trying to "trick" them into thinking he wasn't interested anymore.

Ahhhh the love!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 4th of AWESOME!

This year was the first year that we went away for the 4th of July. Tori's birthday is on the 3rd and she always comes home for it. With her losing her job recently they just couldn't make it down so Jared the kids and I all went to her. We stayed with Josh's family and had the most LeGeNdArY weekend!

The Davis High Firework display was SOOOOO Good!

For the 3rd year in a row... Parker missed the Fireworks completely! Aurora lasted a few blasts but Tori had her asleep within minutes as well.

We had planned to play on our slip 'n' slide but Josh decided that it wasn't long enough so he added... well... A LOT more to it.

30 to 40 feet of slippery fun you would think that the kids would LOVE this right? Nope... Aurora and Parker my fish children decided to only go down it a few times before calling it quits leaving the whole thing to us "big kids" for 2 hours! It was so much fun! Kuddos to Josh for engineering awesome!

Aurora enjoying the slide for the few minutes she lasted. She was a natural!

This was the only way Parker would go down... He didn't like the spray Josh had set up to keep the middle wet so we didn't take off skin as we went down.

Drum roll Please.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Now I present the real fun the "Big Kids" playing
First up, It's creater JOSH!

Next in line Tori

The pictures have been taking FOR...EV...ER to load so I'm just doing this for now and I will load Tori Jared and me later.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gee Whiz!

Aurora has been working super hard with her Dance class for her recital. Any time we ask her what she has learned or if she will do her dance for us she says "You'll see when I'm on stage" It makes me laugh how top secret she has been about it. I was worried that she did know what the dance was so when we went to her Dress Rehearsal and she was AMAZING I couldn't help but be proud. This is the first time Jared and I have gotten to see one of our kids do anything like this, it made Jared feel so old and almost brought me to tears! I am so proud of my baby!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Easter Bunnies

A few weeks ago Liz Applegate wanted to test out some pictures with our bunnies. The deal was she gets to use our bunnies for Easter pictures and we got the test pictures. This was the first day of Parkers real yuckey spell so he didn't last very long ro get more pictures of him. Aurora loved being the model so so much I might have to get her an agent! Any way here are my favorites.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


After Jared and I were married the only Valentines we ever celebrated in a "special" way was our first and I had planned the whole thing. We were living with my parents so I made arrangements to stay at the Marriott for the night. It was so nice to be alone! So it has been 4 years of just going to dinner then back to the kid and no time alone. (not complaining just stating facts kids=no "us" time) Anyway, this year Jared planned a surprise weekend in Durango! He didn't even tell me where we were going until I had to plug it into the GPS that night! The time away was so fantastic and I really enjoyed having a romantic night with Jared. He planned everything a rustic Hotel AMAZING dinner and a movie (we were going to go ice skating but work ran late so we didn't get there in time for it... bummer)

Our Hotel was the Strater Hotel on Main. Built in the late 1800's when Durango was first established. The place had been updated with the necessary accommodations but as a whole the place was so rustic and old fashioned I LOVED IT! the help was so great and told us to go up the street to dinner so...

We went to Cyprus, a Mediterranean cafe it was so quaint and intimate I loved it, best part NO KIDS! Not one in the place! everyone talked in hushed tones it was so relaxing to just sit and talk to Jared about anything and everything. Not to mention the food was FANTASTIC! We joked that we ate so fast, it looked like we hadn't eaten in days Jared was worried our waitress would ask us "umm are you guys gunna have to do the dishes?"I laughed but I told him we were dressed to nice to be considered bums of the street. We tried to slow down but we just loved the food so much we couldn't get more fast enough.
We had to hurry back to get the car so we could make our movie. It wasn't the best but the company was A+ We got back to the Hotel and I will not bore you with the rest of the nights activities.
In the morning we didn't have time to sleep in because Jared booked another surprise so we tore ourselves from the most comfortable bed and checked out. He drove us down the road just 2 miles and we pulled into the parking lot of Signature Salon & Spa! At first I thought he had gotten me a much needed hair appointment but as he told the soft spoken receptionist our names she said "oh yes this is one of your therapists now" She led us to the changing rooms and we enjoyed a WONDERFUL couples massage.
I Love my husband so so so much and am so grateful for how romantic he is. He is always getting me flowers for no reason, bring home presents and such. I am so blessed to have someone who spoils me so willingly and without the "I'm in the doghouse" excuse! I Love you Jared Buttrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

CHRISTmas With a great Family

Christmas this year was nice. We missed my sister and her husband but we DID have my brother and his son, and of course the grandparents. After last year and the overload of gifts, Jared asked everyone to limit how much they bought for the kids. It kinda worked, people found ways to not listen all the way but it was still a little bit better. My mom found a magnet story board where we could read the birth of Christ story and the kids could play with all of the characters. They liked it and it was nice that they could think about the greater part of Christmas.
Jared and Aurora trying to fix the tree... The bottom set of lights wouldn't work.
Getting out the Ornaments! Parker LOVED this part!

Aurora putting on her Ornament for the year from Disney World

Parker putting on his Ornament from Disney

Leaving Cookies and Milk for Santa

What sSanta Left! Konner's Motorcycle, Aurora's Doll House and Parker's Plane

First Glance at 7 am

I was worried she would run to the motorcycle but nope, she loved her doll house.

He loves the safari truck and animals that come with the plane

The Books he got with his Santa toy

Konner's Motorcycle! He was so happy about getting this

Opening his Stocking!

Shirt all the way from Australia!

Konner bought his papa a Colts Ornament for Christmas

Aurora got Mama nail polish and got Papa a Wii game and attachments

The First costume change of the day

Second Costume change in 15 minutes notice the accessories have changed too.

Final wardrobe and accessory swap!

Uncle Josh and Parker being Sweet

Jared teaching the kids to play Football. Parker is the Center, Aurora is the Wide Receiver and Konner is the Corner Back.